Tay Duncan

Case Study: PoeticFlowerX.com

A side project developed for a friend who needed a website for a blog and Ecommerce to sell Prints. I created a custom wordpress theme and a custom contact form Plugin.



PoeticFlowerX is a social media content creator. She posts poetry and general creative arts. She came to me for a website to centralise her content and sell merchandise such as prints and TShirts

Project Requirements

  • Create An Ecommerce platform to sell merchandise
  • Blogging functionality
  • Custom Contact Form

Project Overview

With the requirements I figured using WordPress would be the best solution for this project as the main aspect was a blog. Woocommerece could be used as a e commerce solution without the monthly overhead like platforms such as Shopify

The Challenge

I wanted to make the website unique and also wanted to challenge myself. So instead of using a prebuilt theme. I decided to head over to the WordPress theme developer documentation and create a theme from scratch. I also needed to link set up Hosting, SMTP, WooCommerce and a contact form.


The Approach & Solution

For hosting, I decided to get a Linode cloud server using Linux, Nginx, MySQL & PHP. I did this for the following reasons:

  1. This was the cheaper alternative to shared hosting platforms such as Hostgator
  2. It allowed me to learn how to setup a webserver from scratch.
  3. This webserver will be used for other sites such as the site you are on now.
After the server was configured it was time to install WordPress and configure the theme(this was the fun part for me). I then installed woocommerce and configured the theme accordingly following the WooCommerce developer documentation. Finally I wanted to understand the WordPress plugin architecture. I decided to create a simple contact form which sent an email from the server to the client via SMTP.

The Results

The client now has a fully functioning blog/eccomeerce website with their own domain and I learned a lot about how to develop WordPress themes and plugins!

Client Testimonial

Tay created my E-commerce/Blog Website. The Site is easy to use and looks amazing! I finally have a place to sell my merchandise instead of using Instagram DMs or paying monthly fees for Shopify.
client photo
Safiya Duncan
Poet / Creative Artist, @PoeticFlowerx

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