Tay Duncan

Tay Duncan

Software Developer
I'm a Software Developer who has a passion for building complex scalable Software apps. I write about web development on my blog.

When I'm not working on a project you will find me at the gym, playing computer games (Currently in love with Elden Ring) or feeding my unhealthy addiction to a Manga called Berserk!
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My Current Tech Stack


Proficient in the WordPress Theme and Plugin Architecture.This Theme was developed by myself. See Case study.


My introduction to MVC frameworks. I’m very keen to expand my knowledge within Laravel as I see it as a really powerful tool to build complex/scalable Web Apps and APIs.


Comfortable working with the Linux Command Line Interface whilst configuring cloud servers. I host my sites using my own Linode cloud server.


Able to perform basic CRUD operations and understand Database management systems such as MySQL.


My current go-to back-end language. Along with using WordPress and Laravel for complex projects i also have an understanding of vanilla PHP.


Understanding of the JavaScript Call-Stack mechanism Within the Browser. Able to debug errors via Dev Tools.


Able to convert design mockups to semantic, compliant and SEO
friendly HTML & CSS with emphasis on accessibility for devices
such as screen readers.


I use SASS for Projects that have complex CSS needs. I love the modular structure and mixins are a real lifesaver. 😊


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